I always fucking forget.

I think I can relate piercings to babies. They fucking hurt, but after awhile, you forget how bad it hurts, and really start to think some of them are super cute. And then you do it, and it hurts, but you can’t complain, because it was your fucking decision to do it. 

Thats my boo boo buddy ice pack I got from the grocery. It was that or a teething ring, and I wanted a little dignity, thank you very much. So I guess I’m going to do that 365 thing, because I can’t do something for more than 5 like 3 days. So lets do it. Also, my hair is a different color everytime I wash it. I’d like to document that. pfft. 

posted 2 years ago

Watermelons. And Natzis.

My first post on here will be epic. Whittles and I are discussing taints and Indiana Jones’ ability to crack a whip whilst driving, all while eating some delicious mother bears. I also watched kkw try mount whittles with her thong pulled wayyyy far out of her pants. This entire paragraph made no sense. Goodbyyyyeee. 

posted 2 years ago