“After all this time?”
“Always,” said Snape.

Give away time, bam bam bam. You can see my holding a Deathly Hallows necklace I got in a local store here. I’m giving it away as a thank you for reaching 2,500 followers, and since I never use it anyway and it’s pretty much just lying there and collecting dust, I though I’d give it away. 

There are some basic rules here;

  • I don’t want to sound greedy and just ~looking for followers here, but this is a give away for my followers, so you have to be following me to participate.
  • Only reblog up to five times. I want this to be fair and I will check this.
  • No reblogging from blogs you made just for give aways. Once again, I want it to be fair.
  • I’ll ship everywhere on the world.

It ends in exactly a week, on the 11th of March. If there are any questions, feel free to hit up my ask. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! ;D

Happy birthday, Ron Weasley!

→ 1st March, 1980

I’m dying.

But for real. I should have realized something was wrong when I slept under three quilts and was wearing pants and a jacket. That doesn’t happen. Ever. 

And since I’m disgusting, here’s a picture from last night. I told teh rage and zo that I was playing fallout in curlers and they didn’t believe me, so I sent them this. 

I’d take a picture now, but snot hasn’t stopped running out of my nose in hours, and I basically look exactly the same. 

Now I feel like posting something interesting, maybe even a little funny.

Sunday, I went to Victoria’s Secret because my bra broke, and I only wear one bra ever (don’t judge me, cheap ones make my boobs look weird and I’m too poor to buy more than one at at a time. Suck it.) So it’s early, I look like shit on a stick and I’m browsing brasiers  (is that right?) and this poor gentleman is waiting on his SO to get out of the changing rooms. He’s also trying to not look at all of us girls fondling undergarments all around him. I stand behind him in line to try one on, and the lady running the rooms was all “Do you need me to size you today, sweetie?” and I’m all “no thanks, I’ve got this” and she’s all “well keep up the good work, the bra you have on looks great” and this is the point where all my problems culminate from. I spoke, without thinking and said “oh, I’m not wearing a bra” because I wasn’t. Weren’t you paying attention? i only wear one bra. I think the man standing in front of me about snapped his neck trying to turn around and not turn around to look at my braless boobies. 

That was dumb, but it entertained me. 

I bought myself The Complete Hitchhikers Guide today to make myself feel better, and Slaughterhouse Five. When the furnace dude was here the other day he made a comment about all the books in my room and how “he’s never seen a person have so many”. I thought I only had a few. Wow. This was a long post. Yeehaw? 

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Harry Potter Scenery - Prisoner of Azkaban (Part 1)


I said I was going to take a picture everyday for a year, and i already missed a bunch. So heres a start. And since Sooosie is here this evening, and we aren’t planning on going out, we shall have a nice evening in of drinking and being silly. So I should be able to get a lot of fun pictures without being afraid of losing my camera. 

I also realize, that I never wear real clothing when I’m sitting in my bed, every shirt i ever wear inside is cut off at the shoulders or is a tank top. And I wear the same three over and over again. Awesome. I worked this morning and Starbucks dude gave me a free drink. Which I demolished under the cabinet at work. I got about 2 good drinks out of it. Can’t be mad, it was free. Now its time for skyrim and not doing my homework. 

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